From concept to completion, Float Lab Technologies, Inc. specializes in designing, manufacturing & installing high-quality Isolation Floatation Chambers throughout the world. Each system is self-contained and customized to accommodate the designated facility. Chambers come in both 50Hz and 60Hz configurations as well as an array of Colors & Materials to meet all electrical and aesthetic requirements.

Sanitized before each use, Float Lab’s patented disinfection filtration system is easily activated by pressing one button, is certified to produce a minimum 3-log kill [99.9%] per cleaning cycle without the use of chemicals & is pre-calibrated to automatically shut-off when finished.

Step-by-step maintenance training is provided complimentary to your staff prior to the completion of the project by a qualified Float Lab technician.

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As the world’s only commercially certified Isolation Floatation system manufacturer, we have been working extensively with NSF International and public health officials world-wide to clarify and put forward safety and hygiene standards for the floatation industry. Our NSF/ANSI Standard 50 certification, NSF Electrical certification to UL 1795, and patented non-chemical disinfection system allows you to proceed rapidly through your facility’s plan checking and permitting process.

The minimum space required is 160 square feet for the Chamber, equipment room, and shower/changing area with a floor that is load rated to withstand 120 pounds per square foot.

For countries with 60Hz power you will need a single designated 40 amp, 120 volt electrical feed per Chamber.

For countries with 50Hz power you will need a single designated 40 amp, 220 volt electrical feed per Chamber.



Commercial Float Lab Pricing

  • 4′ Wide x 8′ Long x 7′ High = $42,500*
  • 5′ Wide x 8′ Long x 7′ High = $43,750*
  • 6′ Wide x 8′ Long x 7′ High = $45,000*
  • 6′ Wide x 10′ Long x 7′ High = $47,500*
  • 8′ Wide x 8′ Long x 7′ High = $50,000*

*Not including shipping, installation or Epsom salt


  • Ozone Sensor & Safety Light – $2,500

Domestic Installation = $2,500 per Chamber
International Installation = $5,000 per Chamber

Added Value

  • 3-Year Warranty

  • Worldwide shipping is available

 CUSTOM FINISH                                    

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